Third Santa Fe Conference on Global and Regional Climate Change

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Schedule of Events

Presentation Abstracts

Invited Presentations

Augustine, John

Benefits of 15 years of continuous surface radiation budget measurements from NOAAs SURFRAD Network

Brekke, Pal:

Does the Sun contribute to Climate Change?

Curry, Judith:

Keynote Address

A critical look at the IPCC AR4 conclusion on attribution

Davis, Anthony B.:

Cloud (and Aerosol) Remote Sensing: Thinking Outside the Photon State-Space Box

DeBoer, Gijs:

A Look at the Present Day Arctic Atmosphere in CCSM4

Flanner, Mark:

Arctic climate: Unique vulnerability and complex response to aerosols

Frankcombe, Leela:

Atlantic Multidecadal Variability

Garrett, Tim:

Can we provide thermodynamic constraints for the long-term coupled evolution of the economy and the atmosphere?

Kobashi, Takuro:

High variability of Greenland temperature over the past 4000 years estimated from trapped air in an ice core

Mahajan, Salil:

The Impact of AMOC on Arctic Sea-ice Variability

Moosmuller, Hans

Development of a Supercontinuum Photoacoustic Aerosol Absorption and Albedo Spectrometer for the Characterization of Aerosol Optics

Aerosol Optics, Direct Radiative Forcing, and Climate Change

Muller, Richard:

Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature Project

North, Jerry:

Looking for Climate Signals in Ice Cores

Palus, Milan:

Scale-specic patterns of phase coherence between solar/geomagnetic activity and climate variability

Rosenfeld, Daniel:

Number of activated CCN as a key property in cloud-aerosol interactions

Tinsley, Brian

Charge Modulation of Aerosol Scavenging (CMAS): Causing Changes in Cyclone Vorticity, and European Winter Circulation?

Scafetta, Nicola:

Heliospheric oscillations and their implication for climate oscillations and climate forecast.

Stone, Robert

Characterization and Direct Radiative Impact of Arctic Aerosols: observed and modeled

Radiative Forcing Efficiency of the Fourmile Canyon Fire Smoke Plume - A Near-Perfect Ad Hoc Experiment

Schwartz, Stephen:

Earth's Transient and Equilibrium Climate Sensitivities

Tsonis, Anastasios

Synchronization and coupling in climate networks

Vianna, Marcio

On the 20 year sea level fluctuation mode in the Atlantic Ocean

Von Storch, Jin Song:

Dynamical impact of warming patterns

Webster, Peter:

Challenges in Deconvoluting Internal and Forced Climate Change

Xu, Jianjun:

Evaluation of Temperature Trends from Multiple Datasets

Contributed (Oral and Posters)

Borel-Donohue, Christoph

Novel Temperature/Emissivity Separation Algorithms for Hyperspectral Imaging Data

Chylek, Petr:

Greenland ice core evidence for spatial and temporal variability of the Atlantic Multi-decadal Oscillation

Easterbrook, Don:

The past is the key to the future: Ice core isotope data, glacial fluctuations, decadal sea surface temperature changes, solar variations, and historic measurements.

Hayden, Howard:

Doing the Obvious: Linearizing

Inhaber, Herbert:

Does Renewable Energy Reduce CO2?: The Case of Wind

Lemoine, Derek:

Formalizing uncertainty about climate feedbacks

Pasqualini, Donatella:

Local Economic Impacts of Extreme Events in the Southwest

Singer, Fred:

Is the reported global surface warming of 1978 to 1997 real?

Addressing the Disparity between Climate Models and Observations: Testing the Hypothesis of AGW

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