Climate Change


2.24.2010: On the Credibility of Climate Research, Part II: Towards Rebuilding Trust

6.11.2008: Signals, noise and gaps: connecting climate research with the insurance industry. Catastrophe Modeling Forum, NYC.

05.06.2008: Georgia Climate Change Summit

01.14.2008: "Local Warming: Consequences of Climate Change for Atlanta."

10.11.2007: J. Curry rebuts Bjorn Lomborg's essay "Chill Out" in the Washington Post. [Link]

04.26.2007: Congressional testimony for hearing on "Dangerous Climate Change."

12.11.2006: Presentation at AGU session on Integrity of Science: "Falling Out of the Ivory Tower: Reflections on Mixing Politics and Climate Science."

09.20.2006: Book chapter "Potential Increased Hurricane Activity in a Greenhouse Warmed World," in Sudden and Disruptive Climate Change, by MacCracken et al. (in press).

08.2006: Publication in Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society of "Mixing Politics and Science in Testing the Hypothesis that Greenhouse Warming is Contributing to a Global Increase in Hurricane Intensity." (Discussion on [PDF]

07.25.2006: Statement on the U.S. Hurricane Problem

07.20.2006: Congressional testimony on "Hurricanes and Global Warming."

08.23.2004: Thoughts on the Earth Science and Applications from Space, presented at the NRC Decadal Survey kickoff meeting in Woods Hole, MA. [PDF]

2004: Lynch, A.H., J.A. Curry, R.D. Brunner, J.A. Maslanik: Towards an integrated assessment of the impacts of extreme wind events on Barrow, Alaska. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc, 85, 209-221. [PDF]

10.21.2003: "Some Thoughts on Uncertainty," presentation made to the NRC Climate Research Committee.

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